Social Impact


Showcase The Street is a registered Charity (SCO 35025).  Our team set out to work in several schools across, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Dundee City, and Perth and Kinross council areas. We run Community Dance and Football classes within those areas to where we charge each young person a small fee to come along, take part and enjoy themselves while making new friends and learning new schools. The income generated from the classes allows Showcase The Street to produce and carry out some great services in the local communities for free, which have a positive social impact. Here are some examples of what Showcase The Street do, to make a positive impact on the local communities we work in.

SQA center

Showcase The Street are an approved SQA centre as of 2016.  We can now take young people through SCQF level 2, 3 and 4 assessments in Personal Development.

Inspiring Scotland

We are very proud to say we have now entered our 10th year of funding from Inspiring Scotland. This funding allows Showcase The Street to offer Football, Dance and Drama courses to 14-16 year old pupils who are disengaged from school due to low confidence/ self esteem in Dundee.

The young people take part in their preferred activity, (Football, Dance or Drama) learning some new physical skills, and social skills while gaining confidence from the feedback from their tutors and peers. Young people are also given the chance to gain academic accreditation via SQA due to our centre approval in 2016.

All young people who attend our courses are directed to positive destinations after school such as college, university, and work experience.

Our direction in this project is now to look at younger children aged P6-P7 pupils where we recognise there is a need for a more early intervention.

As this project is funded for, we are able to offer these services to schools for FREE.

Families Project 

Funded By Big Lottery Scotland – we are working with two local schools and their Family’s Team to offer an after school club for kids and their parent/carer P1-P7. The aim is to have both parties involved where the parent/carer and the young person join in activities together learning positive ways to interact with one another and gain confidence. The end goal will be for the parent/carers to evolve into a group themselves and organise and lead activities/clubs at lunch times and after schools for the children in their schools.


Support for schools

It is more common than often now that schools approach our team looking for support for those pupils who may have additional support needs. We thoroughly enjoying working with the schools to make a difference to those young peoples lives.

Some of our staff members are currently working in schools doing exactly that!

One of our team members are working with a small group of pupils teaching them healthy living, such as nutrition and exercises. The group get to chose a different activity on a week-to-week basis, and gain a relationship with the staff member. In return we gain their trust on more one to one basis that those young people may need in order to learn better.

Again this is a service for the school that is FREE. Our paid evening classes in the communities allow us to carry out these services for free.